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Queer contra dancers in the San Francisco area

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queer contra dance in oakland this saturday! [Nov. 13th, 2007|03:07 pm]
Queer contra dancers in the San Francisco area


What: Queer Contra Dance
Who: Susan Petrick calling, with music by Suzy's Floozies
When: Saturday, November 17, 7:30-10:30 p.m. (Learn the basics at 7:30)
Where: Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street (btwn Telegraph & Broadway) in Oakland
Map & Directions: http://www.humanisthall.net/DIRECTIONS.htm
How much: $10 (or pay what you can)

Downtrodden Soul: Madge, my life is so drab and uneventful. What explains your high
spirits and joie de vivre?

Madge: Oh, that's easy. I soak in Palmolive dishwashing liquid and attend Queer Contra Dance regularly.

Downtrodden Soul: Queer Contra Dance? Is it exhilarating and fun-filled?

Madge: Oh, more than just exhilarating and fun-filled. It's a soul-enriching, endorphin-
enhancing, blissful alternative lifestyle that everyone can enjoy! As a matter of fact, the
divine Susan Petrick and Suzy's Floozies join Queer Contra this Saturday at Humanist Hall.
And Davey Hudson is doing sound, so you'll be able to savor every note.

Two weeks later . . .

Uplifted Soul: Madge, that Queer Contra Dance -- I'm simply in love with it!

Madge: Does your domestic partner know about this?

Uplifted Soul: Oh, Madge!

Right, Madge. Queer Contra is an exuberant, endorphin-releasing barn dance proven to
stimulate neurotransmitters without a prescription. Expect hours of rhapsodic joy and
very friendly people. And it enriches your soul while you balance and swing!

So be like Madge and tell your friends what they've been missing. Invite them to the next
Queer Contra Dance. No partner is needed, and beginners are always welcome. And
please help fill the refreshment table with whatever you're hungry for.

And for those of you not already steeped in 70s kitsch: